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Three generations of Art and Design

Pink Lily Press has grown out of my love for art and design and has blossomed into a vocation that inspires and challenges me every day.

Both my father and grandfather were graphic designers/artists who worked in the field of advertising at a time when everything was done by hand; I learned so much from my father. I continued the family tradition for awhile and then chose to go into teaching. As a High School Art Teacher I learned more about art from facilitating others art making than I ever thought possible. When program funding cuts came along I felt very fortunate to have a background in graphic design. I feel blessed to have been a part of a creative family and have passed that on to my own children, and many students. Pink Lily Press has allowed me to continue the family tradition and feeds my desire to create beautiful designs for my wonderful customers - you!

I love customizing designs and recreating them anew through color, font and image combinations or creating new designs especially for you!

Thank you for reading and I hope to work with you soon,

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